A journey of adaptability

Celebrating 30 Years of Emergency Planning & Resilience

We’re excited to announce our two-day conference, ‘Celebrating 30 Years of Emergency Planning & Resilience – A journey of adaptability’, will be held on November 7th and 8th 2023 at the Mercure Manchester Piccadilly.

Join us for presentations from some of the world’s leading experts in resilience and help us mark our 30th anniversary. As well as two days of fascinating discussion and learning, we’ll also be holding a special celebratory anniversary awards ceremony, dinner and dance


Event Overview

Resilience’ is people’s ability to successfully adapt and grow following challenging situations.  Over the last 30 years, this ability has often been tested and ably demonstrated.  But what have we learnt from these experiences? Is the legislation we have in place fit for purpose? Do our current structures support the needs of modern day society? And what can we do to ensure we continuously adapt to the diverse needs of people?

As a sector, do we need to bounce forward into new realms and learn to be more adaptable as our circumstances evolve and change? Will that support stronger resilience, and in turn better equip us for the challenges if the next 30 years?

The past doesn’t equal the future the world is changing and the ability and need for adaptability to “change with the times” is key.  

Our conference programme will take you on a journey of discovery from frameworks to new approaches and from adapting learning from the past to face the new challenges of the future.  

Keynote conference speakers so far include...

Keynote Speaker Major General Tim Hodgetts CB CBE KHS OStJ DL.

We are thrilled to announce that at our upcoming conference that we will be joined by Keynote Speaker Major General Tim Hodgetts CB CBE KHS OStJ DLTim is the current serving Surgeon General of the United Kingdom Armed Forces, the Master General of the Army Medical Services and the elected Chair of the Committee of Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO (COMEDS)

Tim has led innovation and change in medicine throughout his career, introducing new concepts, practices, guidelines and curricula that have become international standards in the fields of pre-hospital care, major trauma and disaster medicine. But most importantly, these changes have contributed substantially to saving lives and improving patient outcomes. More latterly, Tim has turned his attention to innovating concepts and curricula in leadership and management that have wide transferability, using the skills to help large health sector organisations and institutions create the solutions to their existential challenges. 

A highly sought after national and international speaker to inform and inspire, Tim’s passion is in reducing complexity, evidenced through his research and the books, guidelines, courses and practical heuristics he has created. Events over the last 30 years have serially placed Tim in situations demanding leadership in crisis, including terrorist bombs and multiple casualty incidents on military operations, where decisiveness and the abilities to both tolerate uncertainty and forge highly effective multinational and multicultural teams have been tested. While extensively tutored in the models of leadership and management through an array of strategic and operational academic opportunities, Tim retains a strong intuition from his experiences and a degree of coup d’oeil that are essential for innovation at pace.

Paul Phipps-Williams

Head of Local Resilience Delivery at DLUHC, responsible for the Government’s strategic engagement with local resilience forums.

Amanda Coleman

Crisis communication specialist and the director and founder of crisis communication consultancy Amanda Coleman Communication Ltd.

Phil Emonson

Technical Director and Emergency Planning Lead at JBA Consulting and is also the Flood Resilience PWG Chair

Steve-Scott Bottoms

Steve Scott-Bottoms: Writer and performer. Steve is co-founder of the social enterprise Vesper Hill, and professor of drama at the University of Manchester.

Stuart Andrews

Stuart is Co-director of Performing City Resilience, a research project exploring intersections between ideas, practices, and strategies of arts, culture, and resilience.

Angel Scott-Bottoms

Angel Scott-Bottoms: Facilitator. Angel is managing partner of the social enterprise Vesper Hill, and brand leader for the Women in Business Network (WIBN).

Patrick Duggan

Patrick is a researcher, academic leader and research manager with an internationally recognized scholarly profile in arts, culture, performance, and questions of urban living.

Róisín Jordan

PhD Candidate at Alliance Manchester Business School. Her research examines the processes that most successfully support organisations in the management of societal resilience.

Andrew McClelland

Andrew McClelland is a Research Associate at the Alliance Manchester Business School (University of Manchester)

Mary Jones

Mary has been the Head of Resilience for the UK Government since September 2022. In her role, she works to enhance the UK’s resilience in its ability to prepare for, adapt to and recover from shocks and disruptions.

Julie Hicks

Julie is a full member of the UK Emergency Planning Society, an active and passionate supporter of the EPS UK Human Aspects

Nathan Hazlehurst

Nathan is currently the Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response (EPRR) Manager for NHS Frimley ICB in the south of England

Marcus Oxley

Marcus is a senior risk and resilience consultant, policy advisor and practitioner with thirty years’ operational experience working for international public, private and voluntary sector organisations across Africa, Asia and Europe.

Chris Scott

Chris Scott has over 20 years' experience in the military and is a specialist in human intelligence., giving him a unique insight in understanding a person's ability to manage unwanted events.

Emma Dodgson

Emma works for Essex County Council, leading on planning for the human aspects of emergency planning for the Essex Resilience Forum and her Local Authority writing plans; arranging and delivering training; providing advice and consultancy.

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Pricing List

Early bird pricing will be available up until 22nd of September.

Day  Early Bird Price (Valid Until 22nd Sept)Regular Price
7th November Day 1  £100 (Ex Vat)    £125 (Ex Vat) 
8th November Day 2 £100 (Ex Vat) £125 (Ex Vat) 
2  Day Conference £200 (Ex Vat) £250 (Ex Vat) 
2 Day Conference, Awards & Dinner Dance £240 (Ex Vat)  £290 (Ex Vat)  
Day  Early Bird Price (Valid Until 22nd Sept)Regular Price
7th November Day 1  £20 (Ex Vat)    £25 (Ex Vat) 
8th November Day 2 £20 (Ex Vat) £25 (Ex Vat) 
2  Day Conference £40 (Ex Vat) £50 (Ex Vat) 
2 Day Conference, Awards & Dinner Dance £80 (Ex Vat) £90 (Ex Vat)  
Day  Early Bird Price (Valid Until 22nd Sept)Regular Price
7th November Day 1  £80 (Ex Vat)£90 (Ex Vat)
8th November Day 2 £80 (Ex Vat)£90 (Ex Vat)
2  Day Conference £160 (Ex Vat)£180 (Ex Vat)
2 Day Conference, Awards & Dinner Dance £200 (Ex Vat)£220 (Ex Vat)
Day  Early Bird Price (Valid Until 22nd Sept)Regular Price
7th November Day 1  £160 (Ex Vat)£175 (Ex Vat)
8th November Day 2 £160 (Ex Vat)£175 (Ex Vat)
2  Day Conference £320 (Ex Vat)£370 (Ex Vat)
2 Day Conference, Awards & Dinner Dance £360 (Ex Vat)£410 (Ex Vat)
Day  Early Bird Price (Valid Until 22nd Sept)Regular Price
7th November Day 1  £25 (Ex Vat)£30 (Ex Vat)
8th November Day 2 £25 (Ex Vat)£30 (Ex Vat)
2  Day Conference £50 (Ex Vat)£60 (Ex Vat)
2 Day Conference, Awards & Dinner Dance £90 (Ex Vat)£100 (Ex Vat)