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Thank you for registering for our webinar series, “Community and City Resilience and COVID-19”.

Below you will find the recorded webinar, presentations and key facts from each of the series, which is centred around Community & City Resilience and Covid19 and the themes of recovery; including people, the physical impacts, psychological, community displacement, community cohesion, deaths’; economic, infrastructure, diisruption to daily life, education, welfare services, transport, utilities / essential services and environmental including pollution and decontamination, waste, natural resources, opportunities, environmental impact, changes to behaviours, impacts and consequences.

Slides and further information will be available 14 days after each event. Further information on each event, and upcoming events, can be found here:https://the-eps.org/about-us/community-and-ci…ries-of-webinars/ 

Webinar Conversation 1 – Led By Professor Don Kettl – July 1st 2020 – “The Foundations of Community Resilience” 

Registered delegates can view the webinar here:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AwWV6sXd74swAhyHEiiJ6FPrb1ikKrsK/view?usp=sharing

Slide Pack: Foundations of community resilience–Kettl-EPS—Jul 1 2020

Key Facts: EPS webinar 1st July 2020 DK Summary Report

Webinar Conversation 2 –  Led By Caroline Douglass and Professor Chris Williams – July 6th 2020 – “Living Life to the Full and The Environment”

Registered delegates can view the webinar here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eSyG3MfQcPHr2p-6c3SuBM_y6ZSaUf-b/view?usp=sharing

Slide Pack:EPS Presentation_C Douglass_20200706

Slide Pack: Pandemic and communities- Williams

Webinar Conversation 3 –  Led By Dr. Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Michael Adamson and Jehangir Malik OBE – July 16th 2020 – Organisational resilience and the resilience professional and  ‘new’ emergencies

Registered delegates can view the webinar here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10yePEKA4pCBRyy5UKnXrWE826hTmdp_s/view?usp=sharing

Slide Pack: EPS BRC 6th July 2020

Webinar Conversation 4 – Led By Professor Duncan Shaw, David Powell and Andrew Brown – July 23rd 2020 – Planning for recovery and renewal & getting the message right for our diverse communities 

Registered delegates can view the webinar here:Conversation 4 Planning for recovery and renewal and getting the message right for our diverse communities

Slide Pack: EPS Andrew Brown 23rd July 2020

Slide Pack – EPS Duncan Shaw 23rd July 2020

Webinar Conversation 5 – Led By Dr Chris Cocking – August 5th 2020 – ‘Emerging from COVID lockdown: ‘don’t panic’ or ‘I predict a riot?’

Registered delegates can view the webinar here: Conversation 5 Emerging from Covid Lockdown ‘ don’t panic or I predict a riot’

Slide Pack: EPS Chris Cocking 5th August 2020

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