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Which membership is right for me?

There are six levels of different membership types:

Associate: This is the usual enrolment level for all those first joining the society, although experienced practitioners can enter directly as a Member.

Member: Progression to Member status can be achieved by completing the membership upgrade scheme. Members are entitled to the post-nominal of M.E.P.S (Member of the Emergency Planning Society).

Fellow: The EPS invites some Members to become fellows. They are entitled to the post-nominal of F.E.P.S (Fellow of the Emergency Planning Society).

Student: Applicable to individuals who are in full-time study related to the field of emergency planning.

Retired: Members, on retirement, may apply to transfer to the category of Retired member, and can obtain their post-nominal.

Honorary: Honorary membership may be granted by the Board of Directors to any person whose contribution to the objectives of the Society has merited such recognition.

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