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Fellow EPS Membership

Nomination for Fellow.

“Fellowship of the society is an honour bestowed upon Emergency Planning Society members in recognition of their outstanding and significant contribution and achievement in the resilience field and or to the society.” 

Those nominating must provide evidence of the nominee’s contribution, achievement, research, accomplishments and the how and why this should be considered as outstanding and significant. 

The paramount requirement for successful nomination is evidence of outstanding and significant contribution to the society and or resilience. 


Criteria for Nomination

The Board recognises that the assessment of excellence and impact is ultimately a judgement.  The assessment committee will make this judgement in the context of the evidence presented, the recommendation of the proposer, past decisions and current policy.  The committee will present their recommendations to the Board for final approval

Please read this carefully before making a nomination                     

Nominees will have shown evidence of one or more of the following:

  • Outstanding and significant contribution to the Emergency Planning Society
  • Outstanding and significant contribution to the Community during an emergency
  • Outstanding accomplishments in professional career
  • Outstanding and significant research within the resilience field
  • Renowned within resilience field in education, learning and development
  • A significant contribution to, and/or a strong connection with the vision and mission of the


Nomination for Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellow status is conferred on an individual who is not a member or no longer a member (retired)of the society, in recognition of their outstanding and significant contribution and or achievement in the resilience field.  

Honorary Fellowship will be awarded for a maximum of 3 years.

Nominees will have shown evidence of one or more of the following criteria: 

  • Outstanding contribution to the community during an emergency
  • Outstanding accomplishments in professional career
  • Distinguished service to the profession and community
  • Research within the resilience field
  • Education, learning and development within resilience
  • A significant contribution to and or strong connection with the vision and mission of the Society
  • A significant achievement that has contributed to the development of resilience
  • Hold influential roles to effect change to support the mission of the society

Fellow Nomination Form A

Fellow – Nominees Supporting information Form B

Fellow – References (Member, Fellow) Form C

Honorary Fellow Nomination Form D

Honorary Fellow Form E Reference 

Heres what you will receive


Voting rights within the EPS


Resilience Magazine


Hold Office


CPD Scheme


Post Nominal

Join EPS today as a Fellow member

Progression to Fellow status can be achieved by completing the Fellow upgrade.

Fellow: Invitation to Apply for Fellow Status

At least two Members/Fellows should nominate an individual who would fulfil the exceptional criteria of being upgraded to a Fellow, by firstly formally nominating the individual to the Branch Executive or in the case of no Branch the supporting Branch Executive.

In the case of a Chair of a Branch or a Member of the Board of Directors the same applies however, this should be nominated and supported, through the National Operational Committee acting in the similar process as at branch level.

The nominated Individual will formally apply using the (Fellow Upgrade Form – minus Professional Competencies) and include a CV showing at least 10 years working in the profession. The two nominating individuals will provide a Supporting Brief Statement stating their knowledge of the work claimed in the CV is accurate, achieves at least 9 out of 12 of the Core Competencies and that the individual would fulfil the expectations of the society as being a Fellow Member.

This is submitted via the Branch Executive for authenticity and formally Support the Application signed by the Chair of the Branch or their nominated deputy with their recommendation of support.

The Application should then be forwarding via EPS HQ for consideration and assessment by the Assessments Team of the M&D Committee and in turn by the Board and formally agreed.

Fellow Status & Expectations

  1. They would have sufficient points in the current framework (Application Form).
  2. Has sufficient Mandatory Point’s in CPD.
  3. Provide updated CV is supported by Branch Executive and proposed by at least local 2 EPS Members or Fellows.
  4. Agree to be a Mentor while current for Students, Associates and Members.
  5. Validated by assessors.
  6. Must be prepared to take an active role in the enhancement of the profession – through mentoring participation at branch and or national level.
  7. Be an ambassador for the EPS and its ethos.

To recognised an individual’s contribution over a number of years to the profession and EPS and have due regard to the accolade of Fellowship of the Emergency Planning Society the award will be conferred at Annual Awards Presentation following (AGM or Conference) or other suitable National Event.

Fellows have full voting rights and are eligible to stand for office at both Branch and national levels. Fellows are entitled to the post-nominal of F.E.P.S (Fellow of the Emergency Planning Society). This is the highest level a member can achieve and it is held by those held in high esteem by their peers and recognises the holders vast experience and their longstanding support for the EPS its Vision, Mission and Values.

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