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The Food for Thought sessions will continue on September 29th. This 45-minute session will be led by Vicky McCausland who is the Environment Agency’s national technical lead for Property Flood Resilience. She has worked within flood risk management for the Environment Agency since 2003 and has worked across all layers of the organisation.

She has almost ten years’ experience in strategic planning, working to develop catchment and river basin plans across the Humber region. After the widespread flooding of winter 2015/16, Vikki was fundamental to the development of the £45M York Flood Alleviation Scheme. In this role she worked closely with the community to design a number of schemes including the design and installation of property flood resilience. This experience has given Vikki the passion and drive to work nationally,  creating the framework to meet the aims of the organisation – to mainstream Property Flood Resilience as a solution to reducing the risk of flooding.

Her talk, ‘Be Home ready’ – what does this mean in the context of flooding? will explore what ‘Be Home ready’ can look like in the context of flooding. What actions can individuals and communities take to ensure they and their home are as ready as possible for the risk of flooding? What can we do, as organisations to facilitate flood resilience? And importantly, what does success look like?

Associated reading to go along with this session can be found here A website of interest can be found here and an item to watch or listen to in advance of the event can be found here

The session will begin at 1pm and all bookings should be made through info@the-eps.org. The session is open to non-members and is free for all to attend.