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Introduction to CPD

There exists today an understandable employer, government, stakeholder and public interest in resilience specialists of all disciplines being able to evidence clearly that they have maintained their skills through relevant development and training.

Effective CPD is one of the means by which our professions not only show their enthusiasm, pride and determination to maintain their professional standards but also enhances the public’s confidence in their roles.

The Emergency Planning Society’s CPD Scheme is based on a number of overarching principles. These in turn are inextricably linked to the Skills for Justice – National Occupational Standards for Civil Contingencies (NOSCC) and the Society’s Core Competences Framework (CCF). Members undertaking the CPD Scheme are strongly advised to refer to the Framework particularly relating to learning outcomes, attitudes and behaviours.

These are considered to be the essential drivers to successful personal development.

These principles are:

That advancement through the grades of Associate to Fellow will be dependent upon the acquisition of a measurable level of practitioner skills and knowledge;

Demonstration of an appropriate combination of practitioner knowledge as well as managerial and other interpersonal skills;

Members will need to challenge their own assumptions through the cross-fertilisation of ideas from professional colleagues and to demonstrate input from external sources;

The maintenance of CPD records will also be useful for those looking to career advancement, in collating materials for their curriculum vitae or future interviews;

Members undertaking CPD will acquire formal acknowledgement of a level of professional achievement;

The resilience community as a whole will benefit from the combined efforts of members to visibly demonstrate the high level of professionalism, which exists within our membership;

Members need to undertake CPD which is appropriate to their role and how their role is perceived by those stakeholders relying on their services;

Members should consider their own developmental needs and plan learning appropriately. The Society may suggest and/or require learning on designated topics in line with member upgrading process in line with member upgrading processes.

The Society’s objectives in providing a CPD Scheme to members are to: maintain and develop competences linked to the core competences framework; generate value to our partners and stakeholders; as well as raising standards across the peer network of allied professions.

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