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COMAH and Pipelines

The Group draws together a range of expertise on emergency planning for the chemical and pipeline operating industries. On behalf of the Society it provides a response to formal consultations on regulatory amendments and statutory guidance documents.

Recent examples include the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM’s) Consultation on the Planning (COMAH) Regulations 2005 and the amendments to the Guidance to the COMAH Regulations.

Members of this Group have generated a number of “good practice” initiatives which are available to the membership, including a template for the testing and exercising of COMAH plans. Individual member queries will be given a considered response by the Group and members will contribute to appropriate conferences, seminars or workshops.

Committee Contacts

James Mason

James Mason


Andy Bruce

Andy Bruce

Vice Chair

  1. To represent the Emergency Planning Society (EPS) on COMAH and Pipeline related activities.
  2. To report key activities of the Group to the main body of the EPS through the Director of Business Services.
  3. To act as the professions main liaison body to facilitate the ongoing development and continuous improvement of COMAH and Pipeline legislation and its’ associated guidance.
  4. To liaise with, and influence the development of national policy through the Competent Authority and other relevant UK and European agencies.
  5. To represent the Society on key national working groups (e.g. CAP-EPLG, ACDS-MHSC etc).
  6. To establish internal working sub-groups as necessary, to progress specific areas of main Group activities.
  7. To share information with the wider EPS membership and external bodies in order to promote best practice.
  8. To promote the EPS through the delivery of presentations and attendance at other forums.
  9. To encourage participation and sharing of work by all members through regular attendance and personal contribution.
  10. To prepare and maintain an annual Business Plan and report activity against targets.
  11. To review Group membership and the re-elect the Chair, Vice chair and Secretary appointments on an annual basis.
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Flooding Resilience Group Launch – EPS Members Invited

A BRAND new Professional Working Group focusing on Flood Resilience is to be launched later this month.
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