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City Resilience

As more and more people move to live in cities, this growth in urbanisation now increases risk.

Increased natural and man made disasters now require our cities to work together as a community to seek ways of responding and recovering together. But How?


What is City Resilience? Many emerging views exist but no agreed formal standard has been published. A British Standard is expected in 2016 aiming to answer “Why?” and “What?”. Our purpose will be to consider “How?”.

Group Membership

All members are welcome from across all EPS branches. Experienced non-members may be co-opted to add depth to the team. The group will have a focus on delivery so if you wish to join be prepared to roll your sleeves up and get involved.

Role & Responsibility

We will look to form two groups associated with the City Resilience PWG. Group Role – “CR Core Team” – Responsibility is to take on delivery of projects. Group Role – “CR FYI Team” – Responsibility is to keep informed and advise.


Meetings will be held monthly in London with other members connecting virtually over teleconference. An email will be sent to all members soon seeking interest in the new PWG and the sub groups will be formed with meetings starting in February 2016.

Committee Contacts

If you are interested in getting involved please email Info@the-eps.org

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No information currently available.





    Flooding Resilience Group Launch – EPS Members Invited

    A BRAND new Professional Working Group focusing on Flood Resilience is to be launched later this month.