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Flooding Resilience Group Launch – EPS Members Invited

A BRAND new Professional Working Group focusing on Flood Resilience is to be launched later this month.
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Professional Working Groups

The Emergency Planning Society has eight Professional Working Groups. The groups cover a diverse range of specialisms and work to provide advice and expertise on their given area. The below Terms of Reference have been reviewed and updated as of August 2014.


The Emergency Planning Society (EPS) is a UK-based membership organisation that represents the interests of its members who are engaged in the world of ‘resilience’. This includes, but is not limited to, civil protection, business continuity, emergency planning, crisis and emergency management and disaster risk reduction.

The EPS acts as a professional interest group, and through its various activities influences, advises and consults with relevant UK government departments, devolved administrations, the European Union, international groups and others operating in the field of resilience. Through timely and appropriate liaison, collaboration and information-sharing, the EPS seeks to continuously obtain and share good practice and experience with its members and other stakeholders, with the aim of increasing their professional competence.

Approved Working Groups

The Board of Directors has authorised the following groups:


The CBRN Professional Interest Group aims to be an active and effective focus within the Emergency Planning Society for the discussion and dissemination of issues relating to CBRN and Nuclear Emergency Planning.

COMAH and Pipelines

The Group draws together a range of expertise on emergency planning for the chemical and pipeline operating industries. On behalf of the Society it provides a response to formal consultations on regulatory amendments and statutory guidance documents.

Crowd and Event Safety

he Crowd and Event Safety Professional Working Group was established to look at the emergency preparedness and crowd safety issues surrounding all types of events and mass gatherings (stadia, public highways, private venues etc) in order to identify good practice and offer advice/guidance both to fellow members of the EPS and to other personnel involved in event planning.


The Professional Working Group – Health aims to effectively represent the Emergency Planning Society (EPS) on Health & Social care related Resilience activities.

Human Aspects

Welcome to the Emergency Planning Society Human Aspects Group Pages.

Oil Pollution

The contamination threat to our coast from shipping accidents is significant. Being prepared for such disasters is the principal concern of the Oil Pollution Professional Working Group.

Business Continuity

The Group is heavily involved with work surrounding the all aspects of business continuity specifically looking at areas of interest to members.


The role of the Communications Professional Working Group is to review and respond to developments in emergency response and crisis management, examining implications from the communications perspective.

Flood Resilience & Water Management

Flooding remains one of the UK’s biggest risks, and the responsibility for effective emergency planning and response extends from Central Government, through LRFs, Category 1 and 2 responders, to residents, property owners and businesses.
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