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National Operational Committee


The purpose of the National Operational Committee is to represent Emergency Planning Society members through integration and engagement with the Board of Directors and contribute to effective and appropriate governance and oversight of Emergency Planning Society activities.


  1. To support and assist with the delivery of the Emergency Planning Society’s corporate strategy.
  2. To provide a support forum for Branch Chairs to discuss issues, share ideas and promote best practice.
  3. To provide a mechanism for members to advise, influence and raise issues to the Board of Directors.
  4. To act as a ‘critical friend’ to the Board of Directors, holding them to account on behalf of their decisions and actions where appropriate.


In support the delivery of the Emergency Planning Society’s corporate strategy, the National Operational Committee will:

  1. Proactively contribute to the development of an annual business plan for the Emergency Planning Society.
  2. Promote a positive and constructive working environment for the delivery of services to members.
  3. Provide advice and support to the Board on the progress of their strategic intentions and associated issues.
  4. Provide Branches with a forum in which key issues may be shared, discussed and brought to the Board of Directors’ attention where necessary.
  5. Work with the Board of Directors as appropriate, offering advice and feedback on the development of the Emergency Planning Society at all levels.
  6. Ensure that Branches are working in a consistent way that meets the requirements of the Emergency Planning Society’s policies and procedures.
  7. Ensure that the National Operational Committee and Branches contribute effectively to the continuous improvement of the Emergency Planning Society.
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