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Membership Upgrade Process

NEW Applicants Direct to Full Member?

A common misconception exists in the resilience profession the first step of anyone joining the EPS is Associate Membership Level . The opposite is FACT. Since 2015 providing you complete the Full Application process and satisfy the Assessment Team of your Professional Competency in the profession, against the Societies own scoring matrix, you could be awarded Full Member Status.

The EPS supports the Resilience Profession and is inclusive of everyone involved by recognising current and past achievements. Apply to join and test the claim!

To Upgrade to Full Member please follow the link below

Upgrade from Associate to Member



2021 Membership Fees

The current costs for each membership is £120 for full membership, £10 for Students in full time Education, £50 Retired members.

The Board have no plans to increase cost of Membership levels in the foreseeable future.

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