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The Membership and Development Committee


Under the EPS Memorandum of Articles of Association, the Society is required to have a Membership & Development Committee to administer the membership appraisal system.

The Committee comprises five members, at least one of whom must be independent.

Committee Members

  • Chris Blades: Independent Member & Appeals, Link Associates
  • Sarah Alcock: Media and Crisis Management

Assessment Team

This team carries out assessments of applications from members for upgrading membership.


Assessment Team Members

•        Sarah Alcock: Media and Crisis Management

•        Jo Couzens: London Borough of Lambeth

•        William J Read:

•        Kevin Claxton: East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

       Download the Fellow Upgrade Application Form

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Membership & Development Committee oversees all aspects of the Society’s CPD Scheme. These include:

  • *co-ordinating CPD with future membership upgrades.

*reviewing the Scheme at regular intervals.

*facilitating amendments and additions to the Scheme, through the Board where necessary.

*arbitrating on issues relating to the CPD Scheme prior to any Board involvement.

*assisting with general advice, guidance and mentoring relating to CPD.

*auditing and monitoring members’ CPD records in accordance with the Society’s guidance.

*ensuring that all members are treated openly, transparently and fairly with regard to any aspect of the CPD Scheme.

Download the Introduction to CPD

Training Endorsement Scheme

  • The Society’s Training Endorsement Scheme ensures that students are presented with a consistent methodology across various EPS endorsed courses. The benefits of endorsement are to:
  • *ensure students are presented with a consistent methodology across various courses offered buy third party training providers. Assessments are made against the technical areas detailed in the EPS Core Competences Framework.
  • *provide a means for trainers and training providers to demonstrate to prospective students that courses are provided to a high and consistent standard of content by the use of appropriate logos and wording on promotional material.
  • *enable students to claim the maximum CPD points for training courses attended.
  • *recommend endorsed courses only on the EPS website.

Download the Training Endorsement Scheme Handbook

Useful Documents

Training Endorsement Scheme Handbook

Fellow Upgrade Application Form

Introduction to CPD

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